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Entice Design, LLC

Entice Design, owned by Cass Ingles, is responsible for the design and layout of our magazine. Primarily a web design and marketing company, Entice Design, LLC also created our website and are experts in helping small businesses flourish. Entice design is professional, experienced, reliable, and affordable. Learn more at https://entice-design.com.

Editor in Chief

Peggy Ingles

Peggy Ingles

Peggy is a long-time businesswoman in the horse industry and experienced in writing, publishing, marketing and design. Peggy is an Anglo-Arabian breeder who competed in show hunters on the Arabian and open circuit.


Our contributors volunteer their time to provide The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine with quality content. Whether they are an amateur or a professional, all of our contributors are passionate about what they do, and each brings something unique to the magazine.

We thank our contributors for their effort that has resulted in overwhelming positive feedback from readers. Please take a moment to read about the people behind the content.

Cass Ingles

Cass Ingles

Cass Ingles of Entice Design, LLC is responsible for the design and layout of our magazine, is our primary photographer, and maintains our website.

Lisa May

Lisa May

Lisa May, the first accredited U.S. Ride With Your Mind (RWYM) coach has been working with Wanless since 1997 and Horseman Mark Rashid since 2000 www.MarkRashid.com. Also a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International instructor, she travels for clinics from her home in Maryland and assists riders anywhere by way of video critique. Learn more at www.IdylwildFarm.com. Lisa May authors the Biomechanics series in each edition of the The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.

Karin Foley

Karin Foley

Karin Foley has written for numerous equine publications including The Blood Horse, Middleburg Today, Equus Magazine, and Modern Arabian Horse. For a decade she managed High Road Farm, a long term care facility for special needs horses and ran an after school horsemanship program for at risk teenage girls. She is a trustee of the John Henry Tiffany Trust an organization that supports the dignified retirement of working horses. She is an advisor to Borrowed Freedom Equine Assisted Therapy; an equine farm based program for special needs children.

Dawn Jones-Low

Dawn Jones-Low

Dawn has been interested in the sport disciplines since the late 1980's. She rode on the IHSA team in hunter equitation on the flat in college, has dabbled in low level eventing, and then fell in love with riding according to classical dressage principals. In 1998, Dawn sold her talented young Warmblood and bought her first Arabian after discovering the athleticism and delightful temperaments of the Arabian horse. After studying the history of the Arabian in the sport horse world, Dawn started Faerie Court Farm on 40 acres in Addison County Vermont where she is breeding and raising Arabian sport horses from CMK bloodlines with the help of her husband, Thom, who is perhaps the best horse husband in the world.

Elaine Kerrigan

Elaine Kerrigan has been breeding Arabians with an emphasis on versatile horses for the sporthorse disciplines since 1970. She stands the black KB Omega Fahim++++// whom she competed and trained in Dressage up to Grand Prix.

Arlene Magid

Arlene Magid has been doing paid work for clients worldwide needing to know more about their Arabian horses since 1982. She has a good working knowledge of all bloodlines and of conformation?her feeling is that there are great horses of all bloodlines in the world. Arlene has given seminars and courses at schools, horse farms all over the U.S., the Scottsdale All-Arabian Show, where she was a guest speaker two years in a row; the Eastern Crabbet Alliance show, conference centers and other venues.

Lynn McEnespy

Lynn McEnespy

I currently live in California and breed warmbloods including standing an elite Hanoverian stallion, Waterford (imported from the Hanoverian State Stud in 2006). I am a "R" USEF Dressage Sport Horse judge and have attended several seminars in sport horse judging and breeding including the Hanoverian Breed Orientation Course in Germany. I have judged sporthorses in hand and under saddle at several Arabian shows including Championships as well as recognized dressage shows. I am also a "R" dressage judge and have judged for several years including state and regional championships and at CDI's.

Peter Mileo

Peter has been breeding Arabian horses since 1990. He started with Fadjur line horses and evolved toward CMK horses. His time in endurance is where Peter feels he learned about what makes a good horse. Peter also considers himself to be well informed about movement and what makes a good mover having studied many videos of horses under saddle and at liberty from Arabs, Warmbloods and the great Standardbred mare Monimaker. This has given him a well rounded knowledge of what a good athlete is and why.

Tamara Torti

Tamara is a professional photographer who generously and regularly contributes her photographs for use in the magazine.

Kat Walden

Kat grew up a military brat who would ride any horse she could. She began dressage lessons in her late 20's, but she read voraciously and learned a great deal from one mentor, Edmund Golemba, a Colorado Arabian horse breeder. She poured available funds into lessons rather than competition, and schooled her first purebred Arabian gelding up to Third Level. She was a charter member of the national Arabian Sport Horse Association, Inc. (ASHAI) and very active from 1988 until the association was retired in 2003, serving on the board, on committees and as editor of the quarterly newsletter. She currently serves as president of the AHA-affiliated California-Nevada Arabian Sport Horse Association (CNASHA).


Photography credits:

Tamara Torti, Zosia Zawacki, Lynn Kaufman, Samantha Clark, Pics of You, Joshua Walker, and Maurine L. Webb.